Teeth Whitening in Redondo Beach

Teeth Whitening in Redondo Beach

Teeth have several layers. The inner chamber, or pulp, contains nerves, blood vessels and soft tissues. The dentin is the middle layer, and the enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, but it is also porous. Soft drinks, coffee, wine, energy drinks and more can all leave a mark on your teeth. Our Redondo Beach teeth whitening dentist can help.

As you drink or eat stain-causing drinks and foods, chromogens, or stain-causing substances, sink into the porous enamel. As they oxidize, these stains become permanently embedded inside the enamel and dentin. Toothbrushes cannot reach these stains, and every time you enjoy another drink or eat more berries, the stains can become darker and more noticeable. Our expert in teeth whitening in Redondo Beach offers whitening treatments that can penetrate deep into the structure of the tooth without changing it. These treatments go straight to the stains and bleach them away. Your teeth will be left bright, white and beautiful.

Teeth Whitening Redondo Beach

In-office whitening treatments are some of the most popular options. Our Redondo Beach teeth whitening dentist offers in-office treatments that quickly and effectively bleach teeth. The bleaching solution is applied directly to the teeth after the gums and other soft tissues have been protected. Once the teeth have been treated, a special light will be shined directly onto the whitening gel. This allows it to penetrate deeply, quickly and evenly. Smiles can be as much as eight shades lighter after a single one-hour whitening treatment.

Our expert in teeth whitening in Redondo Beach also offers at-home whitening. At-home whitening treatments use customized mouth trays that fit comfortably and securely in your mouth. This ensures that every tooth experiences maximum contact with the whitening solution. You will need to wear the mouth trays with the prescription-strength whitening solution daily or as recommended to achieve the best results.

Most patients can keep their smiles looking just-whitened fresh by maintaining good dental hygiene, limiting their intake of staining substances, visiting us regularly for professional cleanings and using touch-up whitening treatments as recommended. Contact our cosmetic dentist to learn more or to schedule your appointment.