Oral Surgery in Redondo Beach

Our Redondo Beach oral surgery expert diagnoses and treats oral defects, diseases and injuries to improve the function or aesthetics of your teeth, gums, jaws or other aspects of your smile. While most dental problems can be addressed conservatively through noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures, some issues require more intensive management. These can include severely damage, extensive decay, advanced periodontal disease, congenital problems and other serious dental issues.

Oral Surgery in Redondo Beach

Some of the most common procedures our expert in oral surgery in Redondo Beach offers include:

  • Dental extractions
    Diseased, broken and impacted teeth may all need to be extracted. We will explore your restoration options at your appointment so that you can choose the treatment that is best for you.

  • Dental implants
    Implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement because they closely mimic the natural structure and function of your teeth. Replace just one lost tooth or an entire mouthful with dental implants.

  • Periodontal treatments
    Periodontal disease is a serious chronic infection that affects your gums and supporting structures of your teeth. Periodontal surgery may be necessary to tighten the gums or restore lost tissues.

Redondo Beach Oral Surgery

We work closely with you to plan each stage of the treatment process. Our Redondo Beach oral surgery expert may schedule several visits to complete your oral surgery. Because many people suffer from anxiety or dental phobia, we may offer dental sedation during your procedure, which can help you feel more calm and relaxed during your procedure. Most dental surgeries can be performed right in our office for your convenience, and you will be able to return home after the surgery.
Good dental hygiene is vital during the recovery period. It helps keep oral bacteria under control and reduces the risk of irritation or infection around the surgical site. If our expert in oral surgery in Redondo Beach prescribes you medications, use them exactly as instructed. Additional aftercare instructions may be provided, and it is important that you follow them.
Contact us today to find out more about how oral surgery can help you keep your smile healthy or to schedule your appointment with our Redondo Beach dentist.