Dental Exam and Cleaning in Redondo Beach

Dental Exam and Cleaning in Redondo Beach

Dental exams are just as necessary to your dental health as routine physicals are to your general health. The American Dental Association advises most people to have checkups about every six months. These checkups are about more than just your smile. Numerous studies have linked the health of your teeth and gums with your overall health. Our Redondo Beach dental exam expert offers routine checkups and professional cleanings to always keep your smile at its best.

Dental Exam Redondo Beach

You can think of a regular dental exam as a tune up for your smile. At your next dental exam, our expert in dental exam in Redondo Beach will check for signs of dental disease, including enamel erosion, exposed roots, cavities, gum disease, damaged teeth, worn or loose restorations and bite abnormalities. Catching these problems earlier can help you avoid costly, extensive treatments and severe dental damage or disease. We may also make recommendations for preventative treatments such as fluoride applications or dental sealants and review your dental hygiene routine. Dental X-rays may be taken to check on the health of those surfaces not easily seen with the unaided eye.

Dental Cleaning Redondo Beach

After we have examined your teeth, it is time for us to clean and polish them. Regular brushing and flossing remove superficial plaque and bacteria, but they cannot dislodge the hardened, mineralized tartar that tends to accumulate along the gum line. If tartar is not regularly removed, it can lead to gum disease, cavities and other serious dental issues. Our Redondo Beach dental cleaning  expert will remove the tartar using special tools and then clean and polish your teeth. This process removes superficial stains and leaves teeth squeaky clean. It also leaves them feeling smoother, and the bacteria will not be able to easily re-adhere. In most cases, a routine checkup and cleaning are covered by dental insurance. However, our expert in  dental cleaning in Redondo Beach also accepts a variety of payment options, including financing, to help you get the care you need. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your next checkup with our dentist in Redondo Beach.