Bone Grafting in Redondo Beach

Your jawbone does more than simply give your face structure. It helps you chew and talk, and it stabilizes your teeth. Advanced periodontal disease, tooth loss and dental trauma can trigger bone loss in the jaw. Our Redondo Beach bone grafting expert may recommend a bone graft for some candidates for dental implant surgery and patients who have suffered bone loss as a result of dental trauma or periodontal disease. A bone graft can help strengthen and enhance your jawbone for better dental health, improved dental implant outcome and reduced risk of long-term dental health problems.

Our expert in bone grafting in Redondo Beach may determine that you are a candidate for bone grafting if your jawbone is thin, soft or weak or if it otherwise insufficient for supporting dental implants. Bone grafts are designed to stimulate new bone growth and create stronger, healthier tissue to better stabilize your teeth or restorations. The graft material can be harvested from elsewhere in your body, or it can come from donor tissue. Synthetic materials are also available and may be appropriate for some patients.

Bone Grafting Redondo Beach

Over the next several weeks and months, the graft material will stimulate your own bone tissue to grow and strengthen. Good dental practices are essential at this point, and you will need to maintain excellent dental hygiene and avoid potentially damaging habits such as smoking. If you are also getting implants, these will generally be placed after the bone has had time to grow and develop. Our Redondo Beach bone grafting expert will explain your options and determine the most appropriate treatments for your needs.

Most patients recover quickly, and the procedure has a high success rate. Dental implants also have a high success rate and can last a lifetime when they are well-maintained. If you are a candidate for bone grafting, our expert in bone grafting in Redondo Beach may take dental X-rays and 3D images as we plan your treatment, and we will need to take a full dental and medical history to protect your well-being. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Redondo Beach.