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Dr. Yashari primary concern when treating patients is the relationship he forms with them. Dr. Yashari knows that without gaining a patient’s trust, they will not be able to relax and feel as comfortable as possible. He believes that his patients should feel no anxiety during treatment and that they should have the confidence to ask any questions regarding their oral health and the procedures and treatments performed. It is because of the caring attitude he takes in treating each and every patient that Dr. Yashari is eliminating many long held dental phobias.

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Southbay Dental Studio

TMJ and How to Deal with It

tmj and how to deal with itTMJ disorders are believed to affect about 10 million Americans. They are a group of issues that can affect the jaw joint and muscles. TMJ can cause pain, dysfunction, and other problems. Our Hawthorne dentist offers treatments to alleviate discomfort and restore function for a healthier jaw and better quality of life.

The cause of TMJ is not always obvious. Trauma to the joint can be responsible for the onset of TMJ, but not everyone who suffers from TMJ has a history of trauma in the area. Arthritis, an abnormal bite, overuse, and bruxism can all be linked to the onset of TMJ. Further evaluation may be needed if you notice a painful clicking or popping in the area, if your jaw locks open or shut, if you have pain while chewing, or you notice the area is stiff or sore.

Conservative treatments are often extremely effective. You may need to switch to a softer diet and avoid gum chewing. A mouth guard may be needed if you grind or clench your teeth during sleep. Ice packs and warm compresses can alleviate discomfort, swelling and inflammation. Some patients may benefit from anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications, but these are generally only appropriate for short-term use.

Stress-reduction techniques are often helpful. In some cases, patients may benefit from orthodontic treatment to address underlying issues. Surgery may be recommended for patients who experience no relief from conservative methods or who have abnormalities that cannot be corrected in other ways. Contact our office today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our expert in TMJ in Hawthorne.

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