How Chronic Dry Mouth Affects Your Teeth

How Chronic Dry Mouth Affects Your TeethDryness of the mouth can naturally be caused by thirst, fear, or nervousness; however, chronic dry mouth is when the mouth is always dry. This can be a very uncomfortable problem, which is also dangerous for your dental health, making you more vulnerable to cavities, gum disease, and other serious problems.

Saliva works to neutralize acids after you eat and helps remineralize teeth. It also rinses debris, such as food particles, so that they do not stick around to feed oral bacteria. When you do not have enough saliva in your mouth, certain types of oral bacteria can flourish. Not only are you more susceptible to dental disease when oral bacteria get out of control, but you may also find yourself constantly fighting bad breath.

People with chronic dry mouth may have several options. In some cases, lifestyle changes may be enough to solve the problem. Crunchy fruits and vegetables stimulate saliva flow and can help physically clean teeth, so adding more of them to your diet can help. Chewing sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free candies can also be helpful. It is important to drink more tap water and less caffeinated beverages, and read the labels on all dental health products to ensure they are free of alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate.

If you continue to have dry mouth even after making lifestyle changes, it may be time for a prescription-strength product. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Hawthorne dentist.

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